Who We Are

Soapbox.sg is an independent, student-run news organisation that was launched in 2019 to provide accurate and unbiased news about school events, trends and issues that matter to university students and alumni.

Our team comprises students who are passionate about journalism, photography and creating content to engage audiences.

Our Mission

Soapbox.sg is dedicated to being a voice for students and to help them think critically about issues today. We want to inform and empower young adults because we believe that the future is in their hands.

Our Team

For enquires, contact us at contact@soapbox.sg

Ng Yi Yang Managing Director

Hobbies include: Photography, videography, aquascaping and stimulating the economy.

Chong Xin Wei | Chief Editor

Currently catching up on lost sleep. 

Aditi Bharade | Managing Editor

Thinks that drinking coffee is a personality trait. When she’s not wasting her life away on TikTok, she likes to paint and sew clothes. 

Eugene Goh | Picture Editor

Srinidhi Ragavendran Writer

Recycles being 147cm as a fun fact during orientation. When she’s not binging Breaking Bad, Sri could probably guess your star sign within 5 tries give or take. (yes, she does get mixed reactions from her friends about it)

Rachael Anthony Writer

I’m the shortest one of my friends leaving me with a short complex even though I am of average height. If I’m not online watching fantasy shows, I’m reading (and writing!) fanfiction or just reading plain old YA novels. Thinking I’m trying to escape reality? Well, you’d be right.

Sudhiksha Krishna Kumar Writer

When she’s not immersed in the alternative reality that sitcoms offer, Sudhiksha likes to read, write poetry and travel.

Nurul Asyiqin | Writer

Lauren Chian Writer

Aspires to live in a cottage some day

Lok Bing Hong Writer

A dancer that likes writing poetry and brooding in the dark. I have thirty seconds of coherence a day. I do not decide when they come. They are not consecutive. 

Colman Cheung | Photographer

Only hobby: dress up to go to cafes to order overpriced coffee 

Osmond Chia, Matthew Loh and Yong Hui TingMentors

Saying goodbye was too much to bear for these former editors of Soapbox.

Natalie Tan, Elysia Tan, Yong Li Xuan, Bernice Yong | Alumni

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