Who We Are

Soapbox.sg was launched in 2019 to provide a way for young adults in Singapore to engage with current affairs and important issues that are relevant to them. We are here to give the facts, encourage youths to know more about issues that concern them, and provide a platform for discussion. In doing so, we hope to help forge a motivated and passionate generation of Singaporeans poised to discuss and act on important issues at hand.

Our Mission

Soapbox.sg is dedicated to being an objective platform for constructive discussions where young adults in Singapore can talk and think critically about issues important to them. We want to empower and challenge young adults to exact social change where it is needed, because we believe that the future is in their hands.

Our Team

For enquires, contact us at contact@soapbox.sg

Ng Yi Yang Managing Director

Matthew Loh | Editor 

When he isn’t swamped by assignments or crippling student debt, Matthew thinks of how he’s going to make his next meme. Actually, no — he does that all the time. 

Osmond Chia | Editor

Avoided maths all his life and it’s led him here.

Jean Yee Sub-Editor

Yong Jun Yuan | Writer

Being a tech enthusiast and photography nerd, his brain is so full of obscure references and useless triviaAlex Trebek would be proud. Unfortunately, his friends are not. 

Yong Hui Ting | Writer

A big fan of breakfast & coffee, even though the two don’t rhyme at all. She enjoys reading the current news and opinions in the form of newspaper or over multimedia (read also: a nerd) and is currently on her fifth cycle of ClassPass subscription.  

Jessica Prince | Writer

Bernice Yong Writer

Jacinth Chia Content and Social Media Manager 

The friendly neighbourhood girl who’s up to party all night — and then go home and mug. As a writer, Jacinth is interested in public communications, thought pieces and current affairs.

Nana Tan He Ying Financial Controller 


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