What you should do if a bus starts moving with its doors open

Campus Red Rider alighting passengers at a bus stop. (PHOTO: Yong Jun Yuan)
  • A Campus Blue Rider bus left its doors open as it headed to its next stop 
  • If such a case occurs, alert the bus driver, note details of the trip and report the incident to HAS 

By Yong Jun Yuan | Additional Reporting by Osmond Chia

Communication Studies student Rachael Lim recorded the incident at 11.20am on Wednesday. (VIDEO: Rachael Lim)

In a rare incident on Wednesday morning, a crowded Campus Blue Rider bus took off from the Hall 4 bus stop with its doors wide open.

The doors were not closed until the bus reached its next stop opposite the former Innovation Centre.

One of the passengers on board was third-year Communication Studies student, Rachael Lim, who recorded the incident with her phone camera.

“I thought it was crazy that the bus driver would actually go off with the bus door open,” said Lim.

“The passengers nearer to the door looked confused and everyone glanced at the door,” she said.

No one alerted the bus driver as they may have assumed that the bus door would close at the next stop, she added.

Juliet Tan, the NTU Student Union Welfare Executive of the Student Life, said that while the Office of Housing and Auxiliary Services (HAS) has received reports of bus drivers moving off without ensuring that bus doors are shut, such incidences rarely occur. HAS oversees transportation, housing and other welfare matters on campus.

When buses are unsafe, passengers are advised to:

  • Alert the driver immediately and get the driver to stop the bus  
  • Note down the time of the incident, which route it happened on and the bus licence plate number 
  • Call HAS at 6790 5198 or email shuttlebus@ntu.edu.sg to report the incidents for further investigation 

“Safety on campus is the utmost priority for NTUSU and HAS Transportation,” said Tan. 

Feedback from students is collated into a transportation report that is discussed during monthly meetings between NTUSU and HAS Transportation, she added.  

This article will be part of a series of stories about NTU Campus Rider Buses in NTU.  


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