We are your Soapbox: It’s time to be heard

Are buses taking too long on campus? Don’t know why you couldn’t get that spot in Hall? Wish you could do something about badly cooked eggs in canteens?  

Issues in your community aren’t out of your control. You have a voice; the future is in your hands. 

Become more aware of the events that shape your student experience and take control. Soapbox is here to give you the first tool in making the world a better place: information.  

Soapbox is an independent platform and we ourselves in being an objective place where you can read about and contribute to issues important to your community.  

We explore issues within the community that you want addressed. From bus services, hall allocation, conservation matters, to cyber-security matters – these prominent issues are real and are matters where our voices can make a difference.  

Soapbox will provide you with the stories, data and details you need to have a clearer picture of these events, providing the information you need to come to an opinion and the tools you need to voice for change.  

How you can help? 

  • Share your views with us  
  • Share our stories with your friends 
  •  Participate in our surveys  
  • Offer solutions to existing problems

Our goals  

A platform for change: Giving those who want to affect positive change a platform and the tools to do so.  

Giving us control: Getting young adults to be more aware and to take control of their student experience.   

Making news relevant: Break down current affairs and news and how they are matter to students.  

Being a voice: Calling for change in issues that we believe affect us.    

A bridge between the school and students: Information needs to reach students so that they care and are aware.  

Getting us talking: Provide a platform for people to hold conversations and discussions with both like-minded and opposing folks. 

Our values  

ImpartialityWe are an independent platform and seek only to serve the public 

Balanced: We present wide-ranging views and opinions on issues 

Integrity: We only present information that is honest, accurate and verifiable 

Transparency: We will explain why topics are picked and how research was conducted 

We believe in the power of a collective effort and through your help – we can propose and amplify community solutions to everyday problems that we face.

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